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Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28th Alma WI eagles

Made the first trip of the winter down to the Mississippi River from Red Wing, MN to Alma, WI. 87 bald eagles for the trip. No goldens. LOTS of juvenile balds though. Camera was giving me all kinds of issues with the autofocus. I still think it is tied to the teleconverter somehow. I just need to break down and get a f2.8 400mm lens as the 2x on the f2.8 200mm is just too quirky for me.



JakeBlaster said...

Nice shot's Bill. I might run down in the morning with the kids(tomorrow off but, I will more than likely have to deal with month/quarter/year end support issues so packing the laptop just in case), I doubt the sky's will be quite as nice but, hopefully none of this overcast stuff that were used to. Otherwise, the safe play is the Minnesota River Valley. Probably check out Reeds Landing then head straight to Alma, nice thing with Alma is it's much narrower. Saw 4 eagles on Blackdog today between I-35 and 77. Quick drive back and forth I had to give a father/daughter a ride home after their car almost slid into the River, car started sliding on ice faster and faster, they could not stop going straight towards the river but, it finally got hung up on some rocks and/or snow but, got stuck so they were going to have their neighbor pull them out, I was on my way to Cub Foods but, they lived right next to a Rainbow in Bloomington so it worked out just fine.

Anonymous said...

Those look like some exceptionally big eagles! Damn dude.

I am sort of thinking the 2x converter(and probably the other) are trash/worthless. Rented the 2x and the canon 300mm F2.8 and was not impressed by the results. Sharpness pretty much went out the window, and contrast went down, as well as more color fringing issues.

mnwxchaser said...

I would LOVE to have a 400mm (or 600mm) f2.8 and just trash using a converter but alas...damn mortgage payments.

I took about 250 pics this day and trashed all but 25 or 26. Early in the morning when it was just a little above zero, the Nikon purple fringe did in about 20 shots. At some point I'm going to upgrade to either a D300 or D90 just so there are more autofocus points. I usually get frustrated and shoot manual anyhow.

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