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Monday, December 29, 2008

Did anyone else get an email from Arnar Helgi Hlynsson??

I have no interest in guiding these guys next season. I'll repost the email he sent me here so feel free to contact him if you are interested. I wonder if Iceland is a top 20 DMA?

Hi there
My name is Arnar Helgi Hlynsson and I am from Iceland.
I am hoping that you can help me and maybe provide information on storm chasing activity in the US.

We are two documentary film makers and we are really interested in coming over to the US during the tornado season to be a part of and film the storm chasing activity.

The TV show we are making is a part of multi-episode concept were we travel around the world and examine things that are extremely different from Icelandic culture and give people an insight on how life goes around the globe.
This TV show is therefore only aired in Iceland.

This is a not a big production were the basic idea is that we are only two guys traveling around the globe looking for new things to film.

We have a very limited knowledge on the Storm Chasing activity and we are therefore trying to find and trying to get in contact with a group of people who perform this activity. We need a group of people to be a part of the show and we need to travel with someone who has knowledge on "storm chasing", both to make the show more interesting and also for our own safety.
In which state is storm chasing most frequent for an example?

We are focusing more on the chasing activity itself rather than only trying to film the tornados itself.

If you are interested in helping us out please feel free to contact me via arnarhelgi@sagafilm.is

With my best regards
Arnar Helgi


Dustin Wilcox said...

Looking more for the activity and culture type stuff it sounds like, that could be fun. I already get looks walking into the small town bars in BFE after a chase, I can't imagine the looks I'd get when we invaid the bars with a camera crew following us...

Anonymous said...

I got two, lol....one from each of them. Nothing like making a form letter very obvious by sending two out. My thought was only if they brought some iceland hotties out with them.

mnwxchaser said...

Hmmmm...that is kinda what I thinking. Sure would be easier on the eyes (and nose) than Casey crawling out of the TIV on 82/75 day. Maybe MC or RD would like to take them out?

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