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Friday, January 2, 2009

Lightroom 1.4 and December 28th photos updated

First off, I know 2.0 is available. I'll likely upgrade at some point but somethings you gotta go with what you have. So, just when I pretty much have Photo Shop CS3 down for processing photos, Dave finally sells me on trying Lightroom. I really like it as it does only what I was doing on CS3 pretty much anyhow without having to ready PS For Dummies a few times. So I'm going to go back through the 12 28 08 photos from Alma, WI and redo that web page also. The first time thought I only had about 16 photos out of 163 I liked. After doing the processing on the .NEF (RAW) files on Lightroom, there are about 50. Some are borderline for quality, but are OK and look much better than using PS CS3.

Anyhow, there are now 3 pages of shots from the 28th to browse through. Might go back today if I can get motivated in the next couple of hours as I'd like Melinda to see Alma.

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