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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here it comes again

Dammit...OK, I admit to getting sick of winter. Something about this year is just kinda dragging on and the SDS is starting to set in for real. I even went as far as dinging around with a few different banners for the 2009 Chase Page over on the website.

So after a few days of nice weather (by Minnesota standards for January), the other shoe is in the process of dropping as I look at the surface obs out to the west and north. The only saving grace is I have an idea for a potentially cool photo experiment on Saturday morning if it gets cold enough. No, it isn't the lame throwing boiling water into the air. Something waaaay cooler (hopefully Mike doesn't spill the beans, but if he tries it also, no biggie). Stay tuned...


Eric said...

Yep, and then this spring, it'll be "surf's up dude!"

Midwestchaser said...

Yup, this sucks. 2 days of nice weather, then we get slammed by arctic air. But, atleast it doesnt look like it will last that long and it may even warm up next week. If nothing else, be glad that the sun doesnt set until after 5:00 now. ;)

Michelle Hennessey said...

Nice Blog.. I'm also into Storms Chasing and all that Stuff! Can't wait for Summer to arrive!!

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