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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Major morning FAIL and 2009 Twinsfest

So, -16F this morning. Exactly what I was hoping for in order to photograph soap bubble shattering in the arctic air. The only thing I didn't account for was a slight breeze and the bubbles shattering faster than expected. This is a two person project as after about 30 minutes and several trip back in to get the feeling back in my fingertips, I gave up and decided to go prowling along the Mississippi River from Monticello to Hasty (where the temp did bottom out at -19F BTW). I'll post the recap and pics from that trip later this weekend at some point.

After getting home and unthawing, Melinda and I took off to the Metrodome to take in the sites of the 2009 Twinsfest. Ahhh, Domedogs for lunch in January while thinking baseball.

Twins closer Joe Nathan doing live radio

Fergus Falls native and my mom's insurance guy, Dave Goltz, signing autographs. He still owes me $40 from 1984. I was wondering if he would waive the $5 autograph fee and settle for $35?


One of the all time great Minnesota Vikings...Chuck Foreman.

Carlos Gomez checking out someone with food?

Twins fans checking out the scale of the new Target Stadium. I cannot wait for outdoor baseball to be here again. The also had these cool computer stations where you could see a virtual creation of the view from pretty much any seat at the new stadium. SWEET!!

Kirby Puckett's plaque from Cooperstown

You know what they say...where there is smoke...there is smoke.
It smelled SO good!

The banner to honor Puckett which hangs in the Metrodome (aka one of the WORST baseball venues in the world)

Looking out over some of the crowd and the right field wall

Melinda copping a feel from a life sized cutout of Justin Morneau

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Midwestchaser said...

I love driving in to downtown on 94 going right past the new stadium, they've been making some major progress. One of these days I'm going to get down there and try to get some pics...

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