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Monday, January 19, 2009

More thoughts on the Storms of 2008 mess

Call me crazy but I would like to see the "executive" side of this project set up with some type of defined org chart. (Here I go off on a mini-rant dating back to my undergrad days of doing consulting with the SBA).

Mick and Verne were as strong as front figures as you are going to find to lead the project. It's too bad Greg Stumph and Jim LaDue can't reel it back in and take the reins due to all of their other commitments (personal and professional). They both have the organizational skills, technical skills, and bigger yet, the name recognition/professional ties to really carry the project to the next level.

Being I have only worked as a chapter producer a couple of times and I'm really out of the loop when it comes to the Normanites, I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes to burn out Verne and Mickey so quickly in the past. If it really is a struggle between production and vision of where the project is going, all more the reason for Jim and Greg to be "executive producers" and have one person be a project manager (not a puppet on a string though) of sorts which does nothing but recruit, delegate, and push people to make sure the deadlines are met (I thought Mick did an outstanding job of this in 2007). Without making it into a huge bureaucratic mess, I also still think the project should be divided into actual production of the product (compiling the DVD), replication/distribution, and promotion. It seems like having one person at the helm trying to fight all three battles doesn't work as the time demands get overwhelming. Starting to see the need for an org tree above the chapter producer level? Organize the work load then delegate it so it isn't sure a huge work load above the chapter producer level.

Whenever or however this annual issue gets resolved, I just hope people don't jump in out of a feeling of obligation to keep the project alive. 99% sure this is what Tony Lyza did and had he not, the project would have died. Regardless, whoever takes the helm needs to have the drive and vision first make it stable (consistent leadership) then advance the project towards it's potential. I would say 2 years at least.

Open to thoughts...

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Dustin Wilcox said...

Seems simple to me, which is why I haven't volunteered, as I know things aren't always as easy as they seem. However just some consistency, starting with simple stuff such as maintaining a consistent website through the years would be a great start. I think it would be great if "one" loyal and dedicated person stepped in and took over control of the project, organizing things from the top down; from there one could delegate work to a variety of volunteers, and when delegated properly the "slacking" or "withdrawing" of a few from commitment, would be a minor issue. I can see how it would be a fair amount of work the first year, but I would think when organized efficiently, successive years would already have a solid platform laid, and by year 2, things would be working smoothly. As I in vision it, once organized and a solid platform is built on top, things can then be effectively delegated, making the production process a breeze, from there it merely comes down to marketing, I believe with the right ambition, eventually the message, the purpose, and ultimately the footage, would be enough to launch the DVD to new levels.

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