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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Storms of 2008 production is ready for pre-order

Finally after a lot of drama and the ball getting dropped BIG TIME by the former lead producer, the Storms of 2008 production is going to make it out the door.

The one thing I was afraid of happening with this years production came to fruition. Yep, the guy who finally came forward to save this project ended up in way over his head (I have to assume since he won't talk to anyone) and just kinda let everything go. Hell, as critical as I have been the past few years about how this annual project is managed, this year's just about put the nail in the coffin. Good thing talented individuals like Mickey Ptak, Darin Brunin, and Johnathan Brouwer stepped up and picked up the mess Tony Lyza left behind. The one thing I am totally miffed on is why Lyza never asked for help or DELEGATED responsibilites and duties. Being a leader doesn't mean carrying the load. It includes distributing the work load so the ship doesn't capsize. I just hope his failure on this project is a learning experience and there is some good which comes out of it for him. No one like to fail, but sometimes you need to.

I know 90% of my readers are fellow chasers so I'm kinda preaching to the choir here but for the other 10%, there are only 500 copies available so make sure you pre-order to make sure you get one if you want one. The storms couldn't care less about Wall Street but you know damn well they are coming after Main Street again in a few short months. Make sure you do your part to contribute to this worthy cause.


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Dustin Wilcox said...

Glad that it actually made it out the door; an extremely worthwhile cause that IMO has yet to even remotely reach its full potential, unfortunately seems as though there has been too much of a power struggle inhibiting the project, however I don't know for sure, as I am a LONG ways detached from the project. I wish someone would step-up and help this project maximize it's full potential... and I'm talking I want to see Oprah and Ellen fighting over who gets to run a story on the DVD...

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