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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Better late than never. The Ardmore target did get hit.

OK..so this one was pretty much dumb luck as nothing really went the way the models suggested this morning. There is not a chance I would have stayed put waiting at the spot where model data pointed to a late afternoon dryline bulge but about 5 hours later than expected, Ardmore, OK did take a glancing blow. It will be interesting to see what the morning light brings and hopefully minimal damage and no injuries or fatalities.

Congrats to the chasers who scored today. Managed to catch Lanny Dean's torn on ChaserTV.com today too!

Also, WTF is so hard about following the rules on ST for a NOW, DISC, and REPORTS thread? God, it's like the morons have taken over. I hope the mods hand out a bunch of infractions again as those bozos need to go before the real season gets going.


Dustin Wilcox said...

Ardmore was also my Target, in fact I planned on chasing and woke at 5 a.m with plans of heading out at 6 for Ardmore, as it's a long drive 595 miles Arlington to Ardmore; Before leaving I took one last look at the Meso-ETA and the status of the moisture return, and I called it off and returned to bed, as I wasn't impressed. Looking back, was probably not the best choice I have made in my career. This is easy to say now, but watching this event unfold, I would say it's HIGHLY likely that I would have scored both the OKC and Lone Grove Tornadoes. I would have been passing South through OKC on 35 just shortly before the early Edmond tornado, and would have been right there, and wathcing from home, shortly after the OKC stuff "weakend" I noted that the new show would still be South, and advised that heading South was a good idea and that there was PLENTY of time to get down there for round 2. Kind of kicking myself, but who knows if I chased I could have wound up with a flat tire in Wichita and missed it all...

Midwestchaser said...

I was watching the cells northwest of OKC around the Stillwater area from 3:30-5:00 and the first storm I watched had a huge a hook on it with a nice couplet on BV1 & BV2. The things gusted out though shortly after. It seemed like all the other storms stuggled to do anything that weren't in the OKC area.

I also noticed the BS comments in the FCST, NOW, REPORTS, and DISC threads for this event. I couldn't believe they hadn't already been deleted but I suppose there were so many that the mods had a tough time keeping up with them all.

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