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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

50,000 views on the website, a rough day in OKC, and Fort Snelling deer

First off, thanks to everyone for the visits to the website as we passed the 50,000 mark recently. Not really an impressive number by most standards, but it is nice to know people are stopping by to enjoy the images.

Second item. Our thoughts are with the people of Oklahoma City after the tornadoes today. Man, did today catch a lot of chasers by surprise on where the main show set up. The dryline never pushed hard east as first thought and allowed the storms to train right through the west side of the city. I would have had a rough chase day as my target was Ardmore, OK. Only about 100 miles and an hour and a half off. Hopefully I can get my piss poor forecasts out of the way before things get rolling up here in a couple of months.

Third item. Dave Drufke, my long time chaser parter and photo coach, met up with me to take a hike out on Pike Island at the Fort Snelling State Park and test drive a Nikon D90. This is one of my favorite metro spots to hike during the week as there is always a lot of wildlife and not many people. Weekends are a whole different story and there is no chance you will find me there on a Saturday or Sunday. Anyhow, Dave and I found the deer and had a lot of fun slowing following them through the woods until some putz who was half-assed trying to skijour with a bird dog ran everything off.

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