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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Activated air card for lease and back to wishcasting


Figures...I activate my air card for the chase season last Sunday and POOF, the GFS has us locked in a junky zonal flow for about a week, which then splits until a decent trough forms but it is so far out, I doubt the next few model runs will hold it in place. This "back to normal climatological pattern" for us northerners for lack of a better term, well, "sucks". We have been so spoiled with decent early events into Iowa, eastern South Dakota and southern and central Minnesota since 2003 it is really hard to accept "normal" again. Wishcasting is back to part of the nightly routine and I am considering leasing my air card to someone down south who can make use of it until something interesting happens up here....maybe by June?


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Midwestchaser said...

Nice pics.

I too activated my data plan too early, $60 for a month I dont think I'm going to use it more than twice. Maybe we'll have a big June? Doubt it, but it'd nice.

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