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Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday afteroon hike and watching storms in TX

Wow, came home from work early and decided to go for a hike while waiting for the TX action to fire. Crazy how that southern sup just DIED...what a chaser convergence on it besides. Gads, when Vortex2 fires up this weekend, I may just sit back and wait for the mid to late June Dakotas season. It just doesn't sound like fun with a gazillion other vehicles on the road. I wonder if someone could do a 3D image of a tornado with all of the shots from every angle of what seems like every freakin' tornado this year.

Here are some shots from my hike. The trails weren't clogged with other hikers. In fact, I had the whole place to myself this afternoon. Ahhh....peace and quiet.





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Tony said...

All of the original 3 just went poof. Maybe they had a nice sunset barberpole LP dying structure?

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