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Monday, April 13, 2009

To all of you crazy live video streamers out there

Gads...if you haven't figured out how to make some type of SOLID in-vehicle camera mount yet, please do. With as slow of a start our season is, viewing streaming chase video has been very much appreciated. Build a reputation for yourself as having good stuff and the viewers (and hopefully media contacts) will come.

While I'm on the subject of quality video, I love going to the reports on Storm Track and seeing the almighty "here is my video from yesterday's chase" post. Yep, good old You Tube is hosting some of the most nauseating VERTIGO INDUCING footage I have ever seen. There is this cool new piece of technology called a tripod. Google it and you will see what I'm talking about. If you really want to go cutting edge, try a window mount. Pretty sure Whiplash the cowboy riding a border collie jacked up on a case of Mountain Dew would be able to shoot better quality video than a lot of what people are posting so far this year.

Things still look very quiet up here. That cut off low later this week will do nothing more than spawn April showers up here but if something looks better in NE or IA next weekend, I may head out. I really don't want to chase south anywhere once the VORTEX 2 project gets rolling as open roads will be at a premium.

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John said...

Tri-what? You want me to try an iPod? I already have one of those...

Seriously though, you're right on. And when you park, how about aiming it at something other than the car in front of you?

I'll be streaming later this spring and summer. Waiting for Minnesota!

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