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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and open water ROCKS!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope everyone enjoys the time with the family and friends...take a moment to remember it isn't all about jelly beans. Close, but not the reason. To the victims of yesterday's vicious tornado outbreak in the Tennessee Valley and southeast US, our thoughts and prayers are with you. No chaser every wants to see death and destruction from nature's greatest force. I'm sure thanks to the efforts of the SPC, NWS, chasers, spotters, media, and law enforcement, countless lives were still saved. One death is too many though. Get a weather radio people.

Anyhow, as the rest of the family was out taking the field test portion of their hunter certification test, Caliyn and I headed to the Silver Lake Sportsman's Club Park to just enjoy a quiet morning and see some ice-free water for the first time since early December. A loon and a pileated woodpecker added to the fun.






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Midwestchaser said...

sweet pics Bill and happy Easter!

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