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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

North Carolina controlled burn (thanks Sis!)

Once in a while my sisters score a good picture or two in their travels. This time it is Tara's turn who got some nice shots of a controlled burn in the pines near their place in North Carolina but this photo is plain cool with the natural contrast and colors.


Not much going on around here at all. I'm trying to put together a trade-worthy video so any of you other chasers who are doing something similar this year, let me know. (Tony, Dean and Adam??? H, you owe me 2 I think LOL) Maybe it will motivate me.

I also want to make a plug for Extreme Chase Tours (ECT) and Lanny Dean. I have nothing to do with ECT but I really like this video they made and I can guaranty you no one is more passionate about what chasers do. Best of luck in 2010 guys!


Midwestchaser said...

Yup, I'm making another one. Creativity hasn't hit me yet for the video so I dont have much of it done yet, but hoping to have it done around Thanksgiving if not sooner.

Tony said...

I might try to do a video, but it will be hard with 1 good day and 5 crappy shelf-lapse ones.

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