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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tuesday chase?

Admittedly I have very low confidence in the model data tonight. To me, there is no way to pick a solid target without seeing surface obs and sat data tomorrow am up to 10am or 11am. Not looking into Iowa at all due to some obligations back here so trying to find a diamond in the rough in MN. Trying to decipher some surface features tonight, two areas interest me. The area from Windom, to Mankato, down to Blue Earth and back to Windom from 20Z on. The other is a little further north from Fairfax over to Gaylord along highway 19 again from 20Z on. I really think we are going to struggle with instability due to cloud debris but if IA can get some clearing by 11am, the rules of the game should change as there should be a pseudo warm front running on a NW/SE orientation through the aforementioned areas leading to some nice backing winds. Once the cold front catches up the game will be over as everything going unidirectional for the most part after 0Z. Time to wait for sun up and see what is where.

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