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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey Metro Skywarn! Your annual meeting is coming up and I'm thinking of YOU!

So...Metro Skywarn's annual meeting is coming up next month. I wonder if they will choose to ****, or continue to sit on the pot? As long as the same leadership is there (who have been sitting on the pot for YEARS) stays in place, I'm going to wager on the latter. Bottom line is I don't think any of them have the balls to introduce anything which might get someone's panties in a bunch if the spotters are held accountable for being competent in their duties. Yes, I am STILL talking about a test to see if their trainers and spotters really know what the hell they are talking about before being "certified". In fact, I'm DEMANDING it. The days of showing up and getting a cute little card saying you are "smarterer" than John Q Public when it comes to reading the sky needs to come to an end.

So...that being said. Will they actually take a gamble on fixing a huge hole in their training program or will the old boys and their status quo mentality previal? I know of someone chomping at the bit to take on the challenge. Will MSW's dead horse mentality and bully tactics win out again? Seems to be some winds of change already stirring the dust.

So...I'm not going anywhere MSW and I still hold the spoon to stir the pot. In fact, I'm just getting started...

Ball is in your court MWS. The truth at how worthless your program is, is no longer a secret. The truth will continue to spread like wildfire with each blunder. Keep in mind there is more than one set of eyes and one voice now. Time to **** or get off the pot.

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