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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sniper season is almost here


Back a few years ago out by Aastad Lutheran Church south of Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

For some reason I have a lot of interest in precision shooting again. We have a lot of fun with friends and family during deer season but once the orange army leaves the woods for the winter, it's time to break out the predator calls and the Remington 788 .22-250 with the big scope. I love this gun. I bought it at Scheel's up in Moorhead, MN years ago. Refinished the stock (even though I cover it with white tape every year). I have a lot of memories with this old 788. One of my favorite was Doug Kugler and I were hunting near a Lake Lida turkey farm in Ottertail county when I managed to squeeze off a 425 yard shot on a red fox. There was the time with Doug, Bruce Hanstad, Scott Leabo, and Charlie Peterson east of Maplewood State Park when a coyote we had been on all day with the hounds decided it was going to make a break for the really big woods. I had one shot at it on a dead run over a windswept field at about 150 yards. At about 3300 fps, that 55 grain bullet gets to it's target in a hurry. The coyote was a beautiful near white and became a rug which is still on the wall at my mom's. I think she wants it to come to my house soon though so I'll check with Melinda first.


So this weekend will be spent scouting out good areas to call from with the D200 and maybe even get in a little practice before the muzzleloader deer season opens back up until the 13th of December. Starting the 14th, time to put some fur on the wall.

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