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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12-15-09 Ice Pillars and -9°F sure feels better than -46°C


Melinda scared the crap out me this morning when she said "northern lights". I had one of those WTH!!??? moments as I went running to the window expecting to see the usual flowing green ribbon spiking up high into the sky. When I looked outside, I wasn't disappointed there were no auroras but more so surprised there were light pillars. They are pretty common up here when arctic air settles in but it was only -9°F. So, after I got the kids eating breakfast headed out to the back yard with a camera and tripod in tow. Wish I had gotten out a little earlier as it was pretty light when I took this. Light out, but pretty cold without a hat and gloves. As I stood there admiring what was left of the pillars, I thought about the cold a couple of days ago in Alberta, Canada where the air temp lows dropped to -46°C...or -51°F. Yup, now that is cold! I felt -55°F back in February of 1996. Sympathy for the devil.

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