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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A smoke gray color phase wild turkey

Smoke gray color phase wild turkey

Went out on a coyote quest this morning and came across a large flock of wild turkeys feeding in a field. Mind you this photo was taken in horrible light just before sunrise at 500mm using a backpack as a rest on the roof of the car...in other words it isn't very sharp. BUT, notice the one bird which is lighter than the others. I have never seen a smoke gray color phase turkey before. Wish the light would have been better!

Wright County MN Wild Turkeys

There were also a couple of nice toms in the bunch.

Lake Maria State Park Wright County whitetail deer

And lastly a small group of whitetails cross the ice on the southern bay of Little Mary Lake near Lake Maria State Park. The fawns were LITTLE! Hopefully the next 6 weeks doesn't have a lot of crusty snow so these guys can find food until the spring melt occurs. The do look really healthy right now though.

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Andrew said...

Most excellent. Now find a red and an albino (good luck) for the trifecta, lol.

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