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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Annual Ely, MN wolf trip and end of the week thunder possible

Feeding time

Well, the annual trip to the end of the road is history for 2010. The weather sucked with cold rain all day Saturday and at one point mixed with sloppy quarter sized snow flakes north of Ely near Big Lake up the Echo Trail. I'll be posting a bunch of pics over time as between Melinda and I there are 233 to sift through. I found a couple of places I'm interested in going back to later this spring or next fall.

As ice out looks like it is going to be a couple of weeks early this year, it is only fitting the Minneapolis area is going to escape snow in March for only the third time since pioneer record keeping began. A weird end to a weird winter...

The end of the week looks like it is going to carry a chance of thunder up here. Nothing interesting severe-wise but it may provide for a rare opportunity to shoot lighting with ice on some of the larger lakes yet. Hopefully it pans out as it would be an interesting challenge!

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Elizabeth said...

It sure has been a mild winter,or could say last winter.Spring already feels like it's here in Minnesota.

From reading your post I learned you have a great imagination for photography.I would have never thought on a photograph with snow yet on the ground,and lightening in the back ground.

That is so cool,and I hope the conditions are right for you sometime to get a picture like that..:)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog..:)


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