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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Delano flood threat has passed and favorite pics from the weekend

Crow River Delano MN flooding

Well, the meat of the flood threat has come and gone. What is turning out to be a very dry March is allowing the rivers to crest and begin to fall without a whole lot of drama. Spent Saturday out looking at the Crow River from Watertown, MN up to Delano, MN and finally up to Rockford, MN. A lot of township and county roads were closed due to flooding but nothing out of the norm consider how fast the melt was.

Crow River Delano MN flooding

Unused sandbags sit on the east side dike at the Crow River in Delano, MN.

Crow River Delano MN flooding

Wright county road 30 was closed in downtown Delano as the water was starting to lap at the bottom of the bridge.

Crow River Delano MN flooding

Another look at the bridge from the east side of the river.

2010 Watertown,MN flooding

Looking north out of Watertown, MN. The sign says it all...


Ducks are starting to head north. This mallard was enjoying a recently flooded corn field near home.


Not a whole lot to say about this. Off Wright CR12 north of Montrose.


On Sunday Melinda and I went to check out an eagle nest near Annandale, MN. One of the reason why I have always been fascinated with Alaska were the stories of all the eagles. I'm beginning to think eagle watching is just as good within 25 miles of our home as anywhere.


I'll be posting a separate blog entry regarding this female bald eagle and a feisty crow who didn't appreciate her hanging around. One of the cooler exhibits of animal behavior I've seen this spring. VERY noisy exchange between these two.

2010 Buffalo MN Rotary Contest

And one for you southern people. This is pretty common up here but you may find this funny. The local civic groups quite often hold contests to where you can guess the date when a vehicle placed on the ice will fall through. Everything toxic or dangerous has been removed from the car so it is just a matter of wenching it out. Usual ice out is around the 10th of April for us but I have a feeling it is going to be a lot sooner this year!


Jayson Prentice said...

They do the car falling through in Spirit Lake/Okoboji as well in northwest Iowa. I'm sure I could mention it to people down here in Kansas City and even they would think that it is rather funny...

Midwestchaser said...

We've already had a lot of mallards at our house. We had one male who stayed all winter and showed up nearly every day just before sunset for a handful or two of corn. Parents enjoy feeding and watching them.

Linda said...

Just came across your blog when looking for Wright County road closure info from the flooding. Enjoyed your photos!

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