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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 04 10 TVN test run and crappy Wisconsin storms


Thanks to everyone who checked out the streaming test run today from the Land-o-Cheese. Yes, after 3 years of intense pressure (just a little over-stated) by Heidi Farrar of tornadovideos.net, I finally caved. Actually I agreed to let Cullen handle the streaming. I really don't have a lot of (if any) interest in doing it but I thought it would be good experience for him to deal with this stuff and any revenue it may generate. I prefer to just shoot stills and video. Anyhow, everything worked out well today and after one little glitch the day went off without a hitch technology-wise.


Yup, Wisconsin. Trees, beer and cheese.


What happens when you combine a triple point, great forcing, and 40° dews?


Not a whole heck of a lot. Low topped and the LCL's were higher than Robert Downey Jr at a Rave party.





The season is young but I need Cullen to get done with school so he can babysit the live stream. Pretty quiet coming up for the northern plains....but there is a chance of SNOW on Friday night into Saturday morning!


Midwestchaser said...

lol I think a lot of us did a big WTF when your streaming icon popped up on SN.
Streaming was a major pain in the ass for me last thursday, made me remember why I was not real motivated to get in to it. Made more revenue from streaming on the crap storm on April 5th than I did on the photogenic tor warned storm April 29. Go figure. lol

Dann Cianca said...

It's always a good day when Bill's entries change from eagles to storms. :)

mnwxchaser said...

I am SO done caring about what anyone else thinks. I'm going to do what I want when I want how I want. There are no alliances in chasing. There never was. Anyhow who says otherwise is pathetic.

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