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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Favorite wildlife shots from the weekend & Tuesday night lightning op?

With the wimpy little storms on Friday night kinda being the highlight, I was a little lazy in getting out into the woods and swamps over the weekend. I think for the first time ever, when Melinda and took a drive through the Sherburne NWR on Saturday, I never picked up the camera once.

Saturday morning after dropping Cullen off at school for the band festival, took a short drive north of the house where there are some wetland close to the road. These teal were about it.

Sunday was a little more productive...

after doing the road thing for a while, I decided to go check on one of the eagle nests north of Maple Lake, MN.

This male seems like he is always cranky. This is the bird that took a pass at me a couple of years ago so I'm always cautious and make sure I know where he is at all times.

No idea why eagles to this. Many times I have seen them bite at or lick the branch they are sitting on.

This is the female. She is much more docile than the male. This is seriously cropped at 500mm.

...and just as I was packing it in, the male had to do one flyover just to make sure I really was leaving.

Nothing at interesting on the models within reason for 10 days again severe-wise. A cold front will drop out of Canada on Tuesday with a chance of kicking off some convection but it will be starved for moisture and instability. Maybe by then something will be on the potential chase horizon by then.

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