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Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 30th 2010 Stearns county hailer...Cullen's first real lightning attempt

Gotta start somewhere for 2010. With a nice low crossing central MN Friday evening, a few low topped non severe hailers went up in the evening despite the lack of moisture and instability. This was Cullen's first attempt at really shooting lightning on his own. I gave him a few pointers to get started but soon he was playing with the shutter speed and aperture to get a good shot. He has watched my do it hundreds of times in his life and has pushed the shutter button before so this was a first. Once he got the exposure pretty close it was fun to watch him try to anticipate the flash or the "AAAGGGHHHH" after hearing the shutter close then the flash. A few did bring a smile to his face which made the whole evening worth it...

After an hour or so, the lack of diurnal heating allowed the cells to quickly weaken and the lightning activity dropped to near nothing...

However, the old man needed to take a shot just because...

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