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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Real Men of Genius - Storm Chaser Style

Thanks to my buddy Eric Whitehill for writing these parodies to the Bud Light commercials. And before some of you get your panties and air cards in a bundle, this is called sarcastic humor. Get over it.

Bud Light Presents:

Real Men of Genius (Reaaaall men of geeennniiiuuss)

Today, we salute you, Mr. Over-the-top-crappy-video storm chaser (Mr. over-the-top-crappy-video storm chaser!) ...

Attention-whoring, looking for acceptance, gotta have the latest video feed, and always looking for another chaser to follow. (Where is Reed Timmer!?!)

As soon as the SPC says there's a 2% TOR risk, you're leaving your wife. Your Kid. Your Job. Anything of importance or responsibility. (Hey, there's always unemployment!)

Tusla, Nah. Kansas City, who cares? Omaha? Forget it. You're going to chase 70 MPH storms in Mississipi and get hit by a tornado. (Where's Jim Cantore?)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Over-the-top-crappy-video storm chaser, because no matter what, you got your 5 seconds of fame on The Weather Channel. (Mr over-the-top-crappy-video storm chaaaaassserrrrrrr!)

One more from Eric:

Bud Light Presents:

Real Men of Genius. (Reaaaall men of geeennniiiuuss)

Today, we salute you, Mr. Storm Chaser Drama Queen. (Mr. Storm Chaser Draaama Queen!) ...

You completely ignore common sense, and park your daddy's jeep right in the path of an oncoming tornado. One that's moving at you at 70 MPH. (Beat this Reed Timmer!)

Streaming Video? Check. Posting to StormTrack? Check. Twitter? Check. SpotterNetwork? Check. Completely ignoring your safety and the safety of the EMS people who have to pull your busted ass car out of the ditch after you get hit by a Tornado? Priceless. (Will my insurance cover this?)

Gay 90's? Bah. The Eagle? Never mind. You have more drama than a drag show on Broadway, and then, you have to point out how you were really safe, even though there was 110 KTS of GTG Shear right over your head. (Why is there a 2x4 through my brain now?)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Storm Chaser Drama Queen, because even though you trashed your car, was slightly impaled by flying debris, and your a finalist for the Darwin Awards, at least you got interviewed by The Weather Channel. (Mr. Storm Chasing Drama Queeeeennnn)


Michael O'Keeffe said...

haha classic

Midwestchaser said...

lol I dont think half the people those are about are old enough to drink a Bug Light.

Andrew Pritchard said...


+1 on the comment as well, midwestchaer.

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