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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Minnesota Skywarn FAIL

Maybe another test needs to be added to the classes. A pre-test of sorts...consisting of a square peg and a round hole at the door. If you try it (or are caught thinking about it) YOU ARE OUT!!


A good source tells me the super spotter reported it as moving west before it became rain wrapped. I've got nothin'...


Anonymous said...

Let's talk on this one soon.....the report was -- spotter was moving west into heavy rain then lost the wall cloud as it went into a rain wrapped base and the cell was moving NE towards Lakeville and the funnel was rotating...on the Mankato repeater..FYI.
Don - KC0QNA

mnwxchaser said...

C'mom...are you kidding me? The environment was conducive to what?

mnwxchaser said...

...and, did MPX ever slap a TOR on the storm? Please post the text of the warning here if they did.

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