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Friday, October 1, 2010

Shots from our fall camping trip into the Minnesota wilderness

Well, another year has come and gone as Melinda and I made our annual trip north deep into northern Lake County Minnesota. One thing I like about where we live is the further north you go, the fewer people there are...kind of. 15 years ago, leaving the world behind was easy. Not so much any more as people think you need to go to the end of the road to escape. So do several hundred other people.

One a related note, Sawbill Landing has become a commercialized "wilderness" joke. Avoid it. It may be a BWCA access point and that is about it.

The trick now is to hit the areas everyone else bypasses to get to where they (and everyone else) thinks is a "remote area". The human soul needs peace and quiet where tranquility is defined by star filled skies, brilliant fall colors, and the celebratory howl of pack of wolves. We welcome every chance to escape we can get. Enjoy.


Heading in through the Sawtooth


The road to nowhere


Base camp


View from the top


Trout cruising the shore


Fire road 3-5-something


Fall colors ablaze in a bog


Fall colors at night accented by stars and the howls of wolves


A perfect morning


Dann Cianca said...

After looking at your beautiful photos, I have decided that I am ready for Fall. Thank you for making the transition easy for me. :)

Lanny said...

Ddue, great pics man! I have got to get up to that area, I always try to check the blog out this time of the year, waiting on those camping pics...great stuff!

mnwxchaser said...

Thanks guys. You know you are always welcome up here any time.

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