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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Congrats to everyone who scored 3-22-11 in Iowa and auroras/deer/eagles

Pretty impressed with the quality of storms down in Iowa on Tuesday March 22. I didn't like the poor moisture depth and the veering winds. I'm more of a warm front chaser and this early system just didn't get me to pull the trigger. For the guys who believed the strong forcing and narrow shear corridor would pay off, kudos. A great day of throwing the dice with a great payoff!

One problem coming from the north to chase these early setups is the possibility of really crappy roads on the way home. Please refer to this video from the morning of the 23rd.

Otherwise, things have been busy and not busy up here.



The deer fared pretty well with our harsh winter. They were feeding out in the fields again but we picked up about 8" of snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Hopefully the strong March sun will do it's trick soon for them.


The red tail hawks have migrated back into the area. Boy, I'll bet they are wishing they had waited a week or so now!


With the spring melt comes lots of foggy mornings. It does make for some pretty scenes though.


The eagles are doing well. This guy has become the laziest fisherman ever. He has resorted to stealing fish from people fishing on the late ice. I reached an agreement with him where I throw out lead free venison scraps and frozen whitefish for he and his mate in exchange for leaving my catch alone.


Cullen snapped this nice shot of an eagle eating a squirrel on our way home from fishing the other night.


And not but not least March 10th brought us some good northern lights.


However, it was a school night so Jessica, Cullen, and myself had to head in about 9:30. Too bad as about an hour later they went NUTS and put on the best show in years.

Doug Kiesling and Neva Anderson where pretty close to where we were and this is what they saw later that night. Simply amazing!

Well, we are definitely back to winter for the next 10 days or so. Hopefully the posts on the blog will have some storm shots and video coming up in the not too distant future as the season of snow and ice is even dragging on for this winter lover!

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