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Friday, July 29, 2011

July 26 2011 Hoven, SD tornado

Not even sure why I am posting this one. I only shot about 3 minutes of video and took 8 stills the entire day...only one of which was the Hoven, SD tornado forming over head and about a minute of video of a funnel cloud near Groton, SD. Most of it is crap but here it is anyhow.



This is the Hoven, SD tornado forming overhead. It touched down initially about 100 feet away to my north. That was a little unnerving.


Adam Lucio and Danny Neal were south of Hoven and got a much better view. Adam sent me this frame of his video as I passed him going south. I really thought this storm was going to put down a nice tube so I wanted to get south and east for a better view. In hindsight, I should have just backed off to the west a few hundred yards and would have had a good view. Outside of the initial ground contact, I missed the best part. Be sure to check out Adam's photos and video HERE and Danny's video HERE.

Once I got east of Aberdeen, SD near Groton on highway 12, it again tried to plant a tornado but it only produced this funnel cloud which was witnessed by many chasers on both sides. Always funny how much shorter they appear when looking up as compared to out at them.


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Dann Cianca said...

Looks like the north has been fruitful this year!

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