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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer doldrums and shots from the weekend

Pretty lame weather pattern we are stuck in as the northern severe weather season winds down. Have had a few days with good instability but those days were lacking a good trigger. If we get 2 or 3 decent chase days yet this year, I'll be shocked.

It's been so quiet, I've decided to produce a 2011 highlights vid. This is pretty much going to be trade bait as out of the dozen or so tornadoes I scored this year, only a couple were of the high end quality I strive for. Of course if you like night time torns, the April 9th segment will make it worth your time to hit me up for a trade. At some point I'll put together a 30-45 second trailer and post it here.

Had a really full schedule this weekend as Melinda and I combine the two houses into one. The plan is to live in the house in town until we can get a place with enough acreage for the horses. We'll keep the house in town and use it as a rental property until we move back out into the country. The lake place was fun, but not realistic for the long term. I very much believe in a higher power looking over us and this temporary consolidation is part of something bigger in the future for us...hopefully in 12-18 months.

Here are some recent shots from late last week through Saturday morning. Hopefully I will get out to shoot more on the weekends once our house merger is complete. Kind of sad as I sat on the dock the other evening knowing these images will soon be filed into a closed chapter of our lives.


Morning commute with sunrise fog.


One of the last views down the dock.





Early morning fisherman.

I have also messed around with the html code on here so I can post some higher res shots. These are 900x600. I use images 1200 pixels wide on my website but I think that would be overkill for a blog. Comments?

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