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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Upcoming kayak trip scouting...Ottertail River

Took a break from deer hunting this weekend and battling the 40+ mph wind gusts to head just east of Fergus Falls and check of the Otterail River for a future kayak trip. For the most part the Otterail is a slow, lazy flow with a lot of tree debris and shallow spots. Spring just after peak flow is the target time as a lot of the shallow gravel bars will be easily navigated. I had heard about some advisories for faster water above Broken Down Dam which I wanted to see at low water to get a feel for any rock hazards. Turns out to be no big deal so now it is just a matter of waiting until next April to do a 15-20 mile short trip. Here are a few shots from that area.


The city of Fergus Falls maintains a park at the dam site. I was a little surprised to see the name of a high school classmate who had accidentally died about 10 years ago on the Adopt-A-Park sign. Trevor was one of those guys you couldn't say anything bad about. Way too soon.


Cailyn navigating down the steep trail to the dam site.


The actual dam with a narrow chute which will keep a portage from happening on the trip.


Some minor rapids above the dam. Will be interesting to see what they look like in the spring with twice or three time the flow. The DNR has no rapids ratings on here and only posts advisories during high water.


A 2s exposure (no ND filter...I need one though)of the water coming out of a pool above the dam site.


Cailyn figured she was in need of a walking stick to help her balance of the way back up the steep trail. Someone should host a clean up day for some the the junk along the river...and a roll off dumpster. The old steel and bales of old wire (a pet peeve of mine from my USFWS days) really need to go. The usual park garbage is one thing, but the junk really is disgusting. Let me know when and I'll be there with a pair of gloves and a winch to hoist it up to the top!


Hiking back up to the truck.

Yup, this will be a fun, easy trip in the spring! In the mean time, we will continue to bask in 40 something degree temps this week (if you live in MN, you know each day above 32 with no snow is shortening up the winter from here on out) as we head toward the middle of November!

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