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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shots from the weekend

Well, our wimpy winter continues. Pretty bad when I get jealous of the Alaskans getting to deal with -50° air temps:

Starting think storms also. Spent some time reading up (again) of the Fargo, ND F5 from 1957 also. *sigh*....April can't get here soon enough this year.

Our time will come...eventually.

Cailyn's basketball season finally got going! Seems like a couple of weeks later than usual. I like really her coaches as she had them before. Some coaches just have a way to connect with kids and these guys do.

It will be fun to see how #8 does this year as her shooting confidence is much better starting out this season.

Saturday evening we went to see what a couple of our neighbors were doing. Not much. Just sitting around.

Sunday was all about getting out in the woods. Our wimpy winter has periodically left enough snow to cover the ground and that is about it.

No owls on this outing but we did see lots of wild turkeys!

On our way home, we stopped to check a feeding site I have set up which took us over by the Becker, MN power plant. The cold air (by Georgia standards at least) and the steam always makes for some interesting photos.

Well, once we get past some snow/sleet tonight, the rest of the week once again looks pretty darn docile with highs well into the 30's again. Yawn, wake me up when April gets here.

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