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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Will June repeat May & good eagle shots from the kayak

Wow, it's June 2nd and I'm wishcasting the GFS out beyond 180 hours. 2009 was a dismal year for me chase-wise and I'm afraid the writing is on the wall. The Brownton and Brooten tornadoes are not what I want from a personal / photographic standpoint so I am still very motivated to get the shot I'm looking for. Maybe the ND MO-magic will unfold in late June and early July. The risk of everything being HP is a lot greater, but I have seen some beastly storms out near Bismarck over the years. I hope this is one of those years with a couple of nice tornadoes in an environment were the LCL's are in that 1000-1200 meter slot for highly visible picturesque tubes.

Being the weather doesn't want to cooperate, I spent some time out in the kayak on this beautiful Saturday morning. The air was cool (so much that I had to wear a fleece pullover) and the sun was bright as it cleared the treetops over a lake near Silver Creek, MN with a little known eagle nest. I never have any luck getting this pair to face the sun for photography and today was no different.


This the male. Making lots of noise as usual.


Got him to pose for just a few seconds.


This is the female giving it right back to him. Their eaglets are huge now so they spend quite a bit of time away from the nest.


Can you see the eaglet in this picture?


The female taking off to do a little hunting. The eaglets still need to be fed.


This image didn't process correctly but I wanted to post it anyhow. I wish there was something to reference so you could see just how big she is. She is definitely Alaskan size. Her wingspan is well in excess of 6 feet.


Lat shot as she continues her noisy announcement. Did you know bald eagles don't actually have vocal cords? Their calls are produced in bony hollow area just above their lungs at the bottom of their trachea.


On the way home I saw this momma snapping turtle laying her eggs along side of the road. Pretty cool.

Back to waiting for mother nature to have a hissy fit in the northern plains.

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