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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eagles in Red Wing MN!! February 3 2013

Schedule finally allowed us to make the drive down to Red Wing, MN to check out some of the eagles wintering in Colvill Park along the Mississippi River on the south side of town along highway 63.

 photo 20130203-_D3C9511_zps55585da6.jpg

Gotta love it when you have friends who also live for chances to get into the outdoors!  Melinda and I were joined by David and Kristen Drufke and Nick Elms and Amanda Hill.  I really enjoy the time we spend with these two other couples.  We have a lot of memories with them over the years.  Tornadoes, sunsets, post-chase dinners, a wedding, etc...and a lot of miles.

 photo 20130203-_D3C9510_zps23094644.jpg

The girls hanging out.  Amanda, Melinda and Kristen.  It was 10° with a windchill of at least -10° but they held up for the entire 4 hours we shot this day.

 photo 20130203-_D3C9508_zps0364d0b9.jpg

David shooting the D4 with a 300mm f2.8 prime plus a 2x telecomverter.  A great set up that takes excellent images!

 photo 20130203-_D3C9514_zps22617b62.jpg

Nick waits for a flyby.

 photo 20130203-DSC_0071_zpsb5e61bbf.jpg

This bugs me a little.  I know people want to get pics of the eagles...but please don't stress them to the point they move.  Stay back and let them retain their energy this time of year.  We watched this eagle get flushed 3x in an hour and a half by people.  It would come back to it's perch only to have more people go stand right under it until it left.

Onto the eagles!

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