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Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 18th and July 19th Minnesota Storms

 photo _D3C4384_zps72bfc0e1.jpg

July 18th featured a cold front sagging across north central Minnesota. The SPC went as far as issuing a MDT risk for the possibility of a night time wind event. It never materialized but there was a brief period where the storms looked cool. More images can be seen on the website by clicking HERE.

 photo _D3C4968_zps538347b2.jpg

The night of the 19th was purely northwest flow with a little instability. After the long haul into the trees on the 18th, it was nice to have a little back yarder. Yeah, it wasn't severe but when you are Jonesing for any kind of a storm in 2013, I'll take it. More images from the 19th can be seen HERE!

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