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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shots from the weekend....the real ice up is here.

Well, couple of consecutive mornings with lows either side of the donut has done in our open water for the most part until next April or May. What was weird was I never noticed a big push of bald eagles moving in front of the ice line as in past years.

 photo _D3C8708_zps79eb401b.jpg

The weekend started off with a weak attempt at finding comet ISON. I underestimated how bad the wind chill would be (about -15°F) so after a few shots, I was willing to give up and retreat to the warmth of the vehicle. I am very excited to see what happens with the comet if it survives it's encounter with the sun!

 photo _D3C8731_zpsd933638c.jpg

Went to see if any eagles were hanging out at the pheasant pen on Saturday evening. Just pheasants hanging around...literally. This bird was already dead.

 photo _D3C8737_zpsb0f4faaa.jpg

This one on the south end just kind of surveying the area.

 photo _D3C8741_zps314c680a.jpg

And this one in the trees along the edge of the property which did not want to move to a branch-free area for a photo.

 photo _D3C8788_zpsb0063fa1.jpg

With Saturday night being the coldest since last February 19th, the lakes froze over leaving the swans as the remaining waterfowl in the area. Otter Lake

 photo _D3C8769_zps478a579d.jpg

LOTS of swans moving Sunday evening. Near Sandy Lake

 photo _D3C8790_zps6baf8550.jpg

LOTS of swans on the ice around Clearwater Lake.

 photo _D3C8794_zpscb3dcb0b.jpg

More Clearwater swans.

 photo _D3C8780_zpsc4d5cd0a.jpg>

Anyone need a turkey for Thursday? No shortage in southeastern Stearns county!

 photo _D3C8795_zpsc6526be6.jpg

I should have brought a wide or superwide lens with me and hung out at one of the lakes for the post-sunset colors tonight. Would have been cool over the super-smooth ice we have this year!

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