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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Swans, snow, sunrises...and antlers.

Time to get caught up again on the blog!

 photo cullen002_zps9825374e.png

Still mopping up the injured swans before total freeze up hits. On November 3rd Cullen and I headed over to Zimmerman in east central Minnesota on November third to catch a cygnet with some bad flight feathers.

 photo IMAG0068_zpscd7350cd.jpg

Our capture crew. Not bad as we usually have them done in about 20 minutes.

 photo DSC00799_zpsa750febf.jpg

November 5th brought us our first decent snow of the year. This was taken the morning of the 6th.

 photo _D3C8500_zps111b5165.jpg

The hawks made a pretty good push south of the 6th also with a lot of red tails in the area.

 photo DSC_0013_zpsac7b41f7.jpg

The morning of the 6th was pretty....but it didn't last as all the snow melted off within a few days and we've actually had some days with highs around 50 again.

 photo DSC_0010_zps57998bf2.jpg

I'm trying to take advantage of the nice mornings to get out and do some sunrise shoots. My chaser / photo buddy, Paul Hadfield, often inspires me to get out and shoot and he did it again. So the morning of the 10th I was up and out the door well before first light.

 photo _D3C8528_zps8b66ffa0.jpg

It was totally worth it. One thing to keep in mind is the camera sees light your eye can't and the best colors are often while your brain thinks it is still dark out.

 photo DSC_0014_zps32233e08.jpg

Pelican Lake a few miles to the east of our home.

 photo 1111131320_zpsa873bc8b.jpg

November 11th was the traditional "go hiking for my birthday day". I tried something new as I used the Midland XTC cam mounted on the side of my head for a camera-cam view. The video is really weird as it is like a first person view in a video game. I'll get it posted at some point when I feel like editing this winter.

 photo _D3C8675_zps480e29d9.jpg

The deer cooperated again.

 photo _D3C8670_zps1931f493.jpg

It was cool in the morning with temps in the mid 20's and windchills in the single digits above zero.

 photo _D3C8643_zps514f9ca8.jpg

The light even cooperated at times....a rarity for mid November up here as it is usually cloudy.

 photo _D3C8636_zps2f46f5d3.jpg

Time to head home.

 photo _D3C8605_zpscb687e47.jpg

...but not before one last shot of one of the boys showing off.

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