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Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 21st 2013 Alma, WI Eagles

Did the annual trip down to Alma, WI below the dam to check out the wintering eagles. From Read's Landing at the tail of Lake Pepin down to Alma I;m guessing there were just under 200 eagles. This year I was joined by Nick Elms and Amanda Hill from Prairie Wind Chasers.

Not a whole lot of commentary to add other than on a couple of pics:

Note the double legs bands on this eagle. The image isn't that great but the point is there is a chance this bird has been through the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center at some point. Then I wonder if it is possibly an eagle either myself, Terry, Susan, or Janice has handled at some point. Regardless, still pretty cool to see.

The second is has to do with how acrobatic the eagles are when fishing.

I tell people about how the eagles do this inverted cartwheel move once they spot a fish and this image does a better job of showing it than I could ever describe. Not a great image but it sure shows what they can do!

Anyhow, on to the eagles!

It may not be Homer, Alaska, but it is close to home!

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Anonymous said...

Bill, Thank you for sharing these Bald Eagle shots. They are delightful.
Bonnie/Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River

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