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Monday, February 17, 2014

Melinda's First Wild Snowy Owl and Eagles on the Mississippi

Melinda, David Drufke, Kristen Dufke and myself decided to make use of the fresh snow from Saturday and take s short tour. David said he knew of an area about 30 minutes from his house we could check out so Mel and I made the drive from our home in central MN to meet the Drufke's.

After driving a few sections without seeing a snowy, we came across this:

 photo _D3C9969.jpg

Sometimes you see stuff which really has not explanation. Lots of snowmobilers and coyote hunters out too.

After a few more loops around some sections, we noticed a guy looking into a pile of irragator parts out in a field.

 photo _D3C9910.jpg

Yup, there was an owl.

We had a snowy at our house a couple of years ago as a rescue for the U of MN's The Raptor Center but Melinda has never had the chance to see a snowy in wild.

 photo _D3C9946.jpg

We watched the owl for an hour or so doing what owls do most of the time...nothing.

 photo _D3C9943.jpg

 photo _D3C9961.jpg

It was nice and quiet with a few other people stopping for a look. Everyone was being respectful of the owl and not stressing it. Was also nice to run into Jeff Fischer, who is one of the education volunteers at The Raptor Center. Jeff is great guy and I always enjoy chatting with him. He also has a fabulous blog with great wildlife photography. Check it out at EcoBirder

 photo _D3C9934.jpg

Eventually more people showed up including one individual who was quick to point out he had permission from the landowner to go where ever he wanted. Um, ok. We decided it was a good time to excuse ourselves and after a "see you later" to Jeff, we headed east over to the Mississippi River and see what the eagles were up to.

 photo _D3C0002.jpg

 photo _D3C9997.jpg

 photo _D3C9992.jpg

My quest for a good image of eagles with interlocked talons will continue.

 photo _D3C9988b.jpg

 photo _D3C9981.jpg

Splitting the uprights.

 photo _D3C9970.jpg

A male goldeneye swims pat to end the day. After a bite to eat, we parted ways with the Drufke's but not after some discussion about hitting up the spring waterfowl migration out in western Minnesota before chase season is upon us. Which can't come too soon as we has had 45 days this winter with the day being below zero at some point. Has it been cold? Heck yeah!

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