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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cool new gadget from Midland Radio! The ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Radio

Not really a chasing tool per se, but fits into the "cool tool" category to me. I've had a working relationship with Midland Radio Corp for about a year now and after getting to use one of their cool XTC HD cams last chase season, they contacted me about trying and reviewing this gadget. It's the ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Radio. You all know how I preach for having weather radios in your home. How about in the boat, on that camping trip, or at the kid's ball game? This thing also has a solar charger built in and can even charge your cell phone! Stay tuned as I start taking this with me on our wilderness outings this year!

Check it out here: https://midlandusa.com/weather-radios/product/er300-emergency-crank-digital-weather-alert-radio/

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