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Monday, January 20, 2014

Back Yard Bald Eagles / Deer Are Yarding Up / Super Sunset

After a crazy three and a half days at the day job, by Saturday afternoon I was mentally shot. The best way I relax is to head into the woods and fields. The sights and smells recharge my batteries and this short break from the rat race was needed. I am so thankful I live in an area where I can look up at the sky and have a better than even chance of seeing an eagle flying over our house or within 5 minutes in a vehicle be in the woods and wildlife.

 photo _D3C9781.jpg

Kind of funny as I can recognize my "pet" eagles on sight. They are pretty tolerant of me. They should be with the amount of time I spend pointing a camera at them from my car, a kayak, boots, flip flops, etc. I do like it when they cooperate though. The evening of the 18th they did.

 photo _D3C9774.jpg

No idea what she was doing here. Yawning out of boredom? The male was behind me a hundred yards or so standing out in the field working on a pheasant dinner.

 photo _D3C9797.jpg

Here is the male (smaller in size than the female). The pheasant is down in the snow.

 photo _D3C9783.jpg

At this points she was getting edgy and was closely keeping an eye on the male.

 photo _D3C9787.jpg

As she jumped off her perch, she made a nice close pass.

 photo _D3C9784b.jpg

I love it when the eagles and the light cooperate. This was shot with a Nikon D300 with a Sigma 50-500 Manual mode, ISO 800 500mm 1/1000s handheld.

 photo _D3C9785.jpg

 photo _D3C9786.jpg

 photo _D3C9788.jpg

The best picture I have taken of tree branches in a long time. She was heading for the male at this point.

 photo _D3C9789.jpg

He didn't feel like sharing his meal so he headed for the shelter of the trees. She followed but took up a roost a little ways away from him.

 photo _D3C9800.jpg

What a wonderful Saturday night sunset over a Minnesota farm.

 photo _D3C9809.jpg

As I neared home, I noticed a field with quite a few whitetail deer. The deepening snowpack and brutal temps are starting to take their toll on the deer herd. Hopefully they can hang on for a couple of months yet or spring comes early this year.

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