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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers 2008...too good to be true

Posted on good old Stormtrack:

Fellow Storm Chasers:

We have started to contact individuals already, but wanted to extend this opportunity to the stormtrack community.

The DISCOVERY CHANNEL is looking for more STORM CHASERS for the TV show of the same name. Are you a professional storm chaser, or a passionate amateur? Do you have an unusual chasing slant, use unique devices and/or simply feel like you'd make a great character? We are looking for 2-3 additional storm chasing teams to follow for the '08 season. If you would like to be considered, please email a short bio, press, if any, your contact info, and a picture to stormchasercast@gmail.com. If you chase with someone else, please send one submission for the team.

Come on, let's give TIV2, yes TIV2, a run for his money!

All submissions will remain confidential.

Hope this finds you all well,
Ronan (TIV Driver)
Ronan P. Nagle KC2LHD

Ha...here is the PERFECT opportunity for the nit picking, holier than thou, self-proclaimed purists to show the world how storm chasing really goes down. To the individuals who are/were whining about the imperfections in Twister Sisters, I tell you what. If none of you put in for the show, you need to shut up once and for good about the chaser reality/docu-dramas. This is your opportunity to right the chaser world once and for all. Just DO IT!!! Having a camera in your face at least 16 hours per day recording EVERYTHING you SAY and EVERYTHING you DO? No pressure. Oh yeah, you still have to produce getting on the storm of the day!

Make sure you read the line in your contract regarding the "public humiliation clause" VERY closely before you sign your way to eternal stardom. EVERYONE will be watching...

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DM said...

Damn, I'm sick for a week, and Bill writes a billion blogs.

I want 2 grand a day plus meals, equipment, vehicles, lodging comped, 2 young girlies in bikinis and a chopper every other chase day.

Yeah, after seeing what everyone has been going through, it would take a lot of cash and girls to tempt me.

Those guys just need to hire Reed and Joel for a guide, and dump the DOW's, they'll hit paydirt day after day.

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