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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colorado River flood

Here are some pics my sister sent me tonight of the water being released from Lake Powell via the Glen Canyon dam into the Colorado River. She lives in Page, AZ and used to work at the dam. Wish I could have seen this. I have fished below this dam before and trust me, the pics do not do justice. The cliffs are around 1000ft vertical on either side. Crazy thing is even with this massive water release, the hydrologists are still predicting the lake to be up 50ft with the massive snowpack in the Colorado mountains.


Steve Miller said...

50ft up, great! That's good to hear given Powell's low lake levels the past few years.
I understand the excuse for the release is to save an endangered fish and to wash sand back up on beaches to attract campers back to the canyon floor... Sounds like a good idea for a lake that has been struggling to maintain its levels (sarcasm).
In the grand scheme of things though, 41,000 CuFt/Sec isn't all that much water. During the spring months here in Oklahoma, the corps will open dams to hundreds of CuFt/Sec if necessary. I'd still be upset though if I were a Las Vegas hotel owner who has been paying a premium for water or an area resident whose grass is dead because watering was forbidden.

Tony said...

Great photography obviously runs in your family.

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