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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nyquil and a shot glass

OK, this is getting old. I haven't been sick more than a day for over 10 years...but this is dragging into the fourth day now. They should just give you the shot glass with the bottle so at least you think you are having a good time while still being sick.

This is what happens after too many shots of the above mentioned "remedy":


eyestothesky said...


JakeBlaster said...

That is soo funny, I must have missed this post somehow. I do the same exact thing when I get sick. I have always thought the same thing 'what's with the little plastic cup'? I just drink it straight from the bottle (although, the acetaminophen will destroy your liver if you overdo it so I drink very responsibly and measure my shots). If I am going to be sick, I'd rather sleep thru it. The real stuff the Nyquil-D you have to ask for from the pharmacist, it's behind the counter(it contains the decongestant).

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