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Monday, March 10, 2008

Light Pollution SUCKS!!!

Given how bad the northern lights shows have been of late anyhow, we missed Saturday's show due to being overcast but the conditions tonight should yield some faint greens low on the horizon as far south as my location. Yeah, right. I don't feel like driving 30 miles north to escape the constant orange glow which we now refer to as "night". This sucks. Growing up in northwestern MN I always took it for granted to be able to walk outside and look up. Northern lights, stars, whatever. Now, just the incessant glow of orange light keeping me safe from the boogeyman while I sleep. The boogeyman doesn't exist, but the auroras do. I'd kinda like to be able to see them outside my window again...

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JakeBlaster said...

As a child I remember laying on the lawn out front in the summer (in the suburbs 70's) and seeing 'zillions' of stars, now when I go out (Bloomington) I am lucky to see 50 of the brightest. In order to see decent sky's I have to drive an hour West or South. But, I gotta tell you that stunning Aurora display (it was deer opener in NE MN like Nov 11th, 2005?) and everyone in light polluted suburbs of the TC saw it....I was in Superior National Forest miles away from the nearest light and it was absolutely stunning, we pulled over and just stared upwards for an hour mesmerized. Never left home without a camera ever since ;(

When I take my kids camping I make it a point to have them take note of the dark sky's.

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