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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ice up!!! The Friday Fowl Commute is back!

Well, one step closer to settling into the idea it really is winter (without a snowpack). We have been well below freezing for about 48 hours now including a low of +8 last night. I shouldn't complain as with a snowpack, we would have been well below the donut.

After hanging out with Melinda, Chad and Tivi at their office (Grand View Media...who publishes Bow Hunter World, Black's, etc...pretty cool huh?), I headed over to Lake Rebecca Park Reserve as with iceover ocurring last night I figured there would be some waterfowl keeping a space in the lake open. I figured it would be mostly giant Canada geese and mallards. Usually there is a bald eagle or two hanging around looking to snipe a duck. Well, I was surprised to find a bunch of trumpter swans mixed in with the ducks and geese and sure enough, saw 3 eagles. Two were really high and migrating off to the southeast. One however, a young male I think, was looking for a meal and sure enough, duck was on the menu tonight. I chose a spot to sit on a log where I could see most of the fock but as luck would have it, I couldn't see around one little bend where the kill took place. Only a distant look through the spotting scope as the eagle headed off to the south with a bluebill or ringnecked duck locked in it's talons is all I got.

Tomorrow the kiddos and I will likely head to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha provided the sun is out.

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