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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mid Minnesota 150 Sled Dog Race

2009 Mid Minnesota 150 Sled Dog Race from Bill Doms on Vimeo.

Melinda and I spent the day on Saturday shooting the Mid Minnesota 150 Sled Dog Race. We covered the mid distance portion from Outing, MN up to Remer, MN. A huge thanks to Bob Johnson (and Angel his lead dog) as well as the rest of his team from Togo, MN for allowing us to tag along.

If you were a musher competing in the race or had friends or family, CLICK HERE to see the full set of photos. Email us at webmaster@mnwxchaser.com if you would like one of the full sized files.

2 year old Angel, the lead dog on Bob Johnson's team

Bob's team waiting patiently for the race to start

Getting the harnesses on

Bob and the team heading out on the trail from Outing, MN

Angel leads the team over the frozen ice of Windy Lake (appropriately named) half way through

Bob, Angel, and the rest of the team crossing the finish line in Remer, MN

Bob Johnson of Togo, MN

Melinda shooting stills of the racers on Windy Lake

Me shooting video of the race at the mid point on Windy Lake southeast of Remer, MN

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