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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I stand corrected on the Amity MO issue

Thanks to Tadd Parris over at xtremewx.com my usual pessimistic view on what constitutes a tornado was wrong.

Pretty obvious there were two couplets with the one to the north being the stronger. The one to the south near Amity was brief and only lasted one volume scan the best as I can tell. That being said, here is the life cycle from 0107Z to 0109Z. The LSR has it in at 0113Z but you can hear the NWS broadcast in the background on the video stating the current time is 8:07pm at the beginning.

So, I apologize to Darren Addy and to John/Michael O'Keefe. You guys were right all along.

Here is the lifecycle as shot from the west side (I was damn lucky it wasn't dropping gorilla hail still). All frame grabs obviously.

It's pretty pathetic but it meets the scientific definition I guess.

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