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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Website is updated for chases 6-07, 6-08, 6-09, 6-10

All 4 webpages are done for the chases this week. Video on 6-07 and 6-09 also.

June 7th - Brown county Kansas over to Davies county Missouri with some video which should clear up the Amity, MO question.

Here is the video from the 7th:

June 8th Elbert and Arapahoe counties of Colorado. I pooched myself this day. I targeted Sterling and got impatient with the cells coming off the Palmer divide. As soon as I got to Fort Morgan, sure as heck a torn was put on a cell 30 miles west of Sterling with a reported funnel. Waaaay frustrating but was great to see the high plains again.

June 9th Grant and Kay counties of Oklahoma. Yup, the 5 foot long black rat snake I saw cursed the day. It's my fault. Did measure a gust of 61 mph 4 miles north of the Ponca City airport (who reported 81 mph??).

Video of lightning from some approaching cells.

Here is some video of the wind blowing trees and stuff around after I let the cell overtake me.

June 10th Coffey county Kansas near Waverly. The only reason why I say this is the 10th is because it was somewhere around 1:30am. The shots turned out kind of cool with a mix of lightning, fire flies, and stars. Too bad the moon wasn't high enough yet to get over the top of the anvil.

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