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Sunday, June 28, 2009

More internet image theft

Who is Johnny Kelly from Jackson, Mississippi?



Would have been fine with letting him use the image HAD HE ASKED! This isn't the free backgound image I offer on my website as that one has a CLEAR watermark over the image as www.mnwxchaser.com. My guess is he either Photoshopped out the watermark or took the image from the 5 05 07 page and either cropped out or PS'd out the watermark.

Also, I am sick of this "Examiner" crap and Clarity Digital Group. Their content is copyrighted so how do they get off using copyrighted images without permission by their contributors all the time? Maybe a few lawsuits will do the trick.

Ding-ding-ding....round one. I'm bored and could use a good argument with Clarity now.


andy said...

I bet he got it from this page:

mnwxchaser said...

Possible. I know that image was given to MPR to use back in 2008. The issue still is he removed the watermarks then used the image. I'll keep bugging him. At least V2 left the watermark...kind of.



I am John, the weather examiner, I was informed of the issue.

I used the photo from V2.

Since the credit to your name was not fully on the photo---I chopped that part off and PLACED CREDIT TO YOU, directly under the photo. (so full credit was given)

It just looked tacky to have only the first name on the pic, because of course, there are thousands of people with that first name.

But I had it removed since this has become an issue.

mnwxchaser said...

I appreciate you taking the time to address this issue Mr. Kelly. Thank you.

I also contacted Jeff Snyder to see who is the webmaster for the V2 site and have them either correct the image or remove it entirely. As far as Paul Huttner and MPR goes, that issue is still outstanding and will be addressed. I attempted to contact both this morning so I am awaiting a response.

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